Month: February 2016

Cutting Ties: Subway’s Problematic Response to Jared Fogle’s Arrest and Conviction

After a raid on his home, Jared Fogle was “charged with traveling to other states in order to pay to have sex with underage minors” (Chapell, 2015). Fogle agreed to a plea deal, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison (Chapell, 2015).  The raid occurred two months after Russel Taylor, executive director of the Fogle Foundation, a charity Fogle founded in 2008, was arrested on child pornography charges (Morrison, 2015). Subway quickly responded via twitter to the raid and Fogle’s subsequent arrest, but tweeted only sporadically in the several weeks leading to Fogle’s sentencing (Mudd, 2015). The company “did not begin to remove Jared’s name, image, and other attributions from their stores and digital media until the charges were filed” (Sisco, 2015, para. 7).  In September, Subway released information that it had found a “serious complaint” about Fogle from 2011, although it was not sexual (Associated Press, 2015, para. 1).

The situation that Fogle has created for Subway poses a lot of questions, many of which were left unaddressed by Subway’s responses. Continue reading “Cutting Ties: Subway’s Problematic Response to Jared Fogle’s Arrest and Conviction”