Month: October 2016

Visiting Green Frog Photography

Last Tuesday, I had the chance to visit Green Frog Photography with my class. The visit was filled with amazing insights on many topics from lighting and editing to entrepreneurship and networking.

Because I am interested in turning photography into a hobby, I was excited to hear a few a pieces of advice from JD Hage about improving my photography skills as an amateur.

Here’s some of the tips he shared:

  • Don’t EVER use the flash mounted on the top of your camera
  • Change your perspective
  • Get a tripod
  • Find ways to tell stories with your photos

JD also spoke about how starting his own company and how he worked to get new clients. He encouraged students interested in starting their own business to take more business classes and to learn how to do things that weren’t interesting to them because they are necessary.

These tips were very helpful for me, and made me feel much more confident about exploring photography and my future as a potential entrepreneur.


Manual Photography Rocks

I have always been interested in photography. I enjoy going to my boyfriend’s rec league hockey games and taking photos to share on Facebook, or making an excuse to go to the zoo to practice. I only very recently started shooting my photos in manual mode. Pinterest was my main learning tool in this, and my Photography board is constantly growing.

Something that I wanted to learn more about where Aperture and Shutter priority modes. While these modes don’t give complete creative control to the photographer, I’ve found them helpful in situations where I need to focus on the depth of field or shutter speed.

Learning About Photoshop

For the last two weeks in class, we’ve been working with Adobe Photoshop. Since I have used InDesign pretty extensively over the last few months, I was expecting to find Photoshop pretty simple to use. I don’t think that was a mistake, but there was certainly a bit of a learning curve, even though I have used the software before.

One of the things that is the most difficult with me while learning to use Photoshop is keeping track of all of the layers and remembering to deselect things before changing which tools I’m using.

One of the tools that I really like is the clipping mask tool. I like being able to take different images and texture and fit them into text of different shapes without needing to have any kind of precise drawing tools or skill.

I am interested in learning more about the different blend modes. I’ve found a blog post¬†from Photo Blog Stop that explains a lot about what the different modes do. Although I’m not sure if I’ll dive in as deep as that post does, it’s a good reference to have to narrow down which modes to look at when I’m trying to achieve a certain effect.