Month: November 2016

Search Engine Optimization


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was somewhat familiar with SEO before last week’s class, because I had experience with managing my own website. One of the bloggers that I really admire has a great blog post about SEO for bloggers, which was a big help to me when I was starting out. I really enjoyed watching the different videos, especially in regards to improving the SEO for YouTube videos.

Something that I hadn’t really thought about previously was using my own social media to create link backs to my content. Although I had been doing that simply to drive traffic to my blog posts, I hadn’t realized that it could help with my SEO.


Learning about the Web

One of the things that I enjoyed about last week’s class was learning about how the internet works, including the interaction of computers and domain name servers. One of the things that I thought of during this conversation was when I listened to Theresa Payton speak at a keynote address during the PRSSA national conference. As a former White House chief information officer, Theresa spoke at length about online security and responding to news of a hack. That session dramatically changed my perspective about online security.

I enjoyed the in-class activity where we looked at various poorly-designed websites and analyzed them. To get some perspective, I went online and found some award-winning websites. I felt like many of them were fairly similar, with large images and just small bits of text. One that I really enjoyed was Locus Solus, which has some beautiful coding to it, especially on the “Chair” page.

I am looking forward to learning more about SEO this week, because I have previous blogging experience and have dreamt about using my blog to make an income someday.

Next Week:


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WKTV Visit

I enjoyed my visit to WKTV a lot. The fact that the programming is done mainly by volunteers as a hobby was really interesting to me. I enjoyed watching the quilting show, OnPoint, being made, especially knowing that the crew was made up of friends that had come together to make their own tv show even though they didn’t have a lot of experience.

I love that WKTV gives citizens the tools to tell their own stories in a way that can be prohibitively expensive to do on their own. Providing the equipment and the training to create is very exciting and impressive.

Video Editing

I feel as though I definitely need some more practice using Adobe Premiere.  There are many different tools and parts to the program that I wanted to know more about, but I do feel a bit more comfortable doing many of the basic functions of the program, and even things that were a bit more complex like taking out a green screen background and substituting another video or image.

Besides the actual software, one of the things I am most interested in is the actual art of editing video. I am a writing major and do a lot of editing for creative writing, and I was interested in understanding what I could use from that experience and vice versa. I thought that this article about editing Ted Talk videos was really interesting and helped me understand more about the process.

My group also filmed for our ad on Thursday, which was actually a lot of fun. Each member of our “cast” felt well prepared to contribute and because we were aware of variables like lighting and background noise, we were able to select a location that worked best for filming our video.  We are also looking forward to having a great blooper reel.


Video Production

It was helpful to learn about photography before we talk about video because they both are focused on shooting images that require similar considerations for lighting and composition.

The biggest different between photos and videos is not the movement, but the presence of sound. Even “silent” films include music to help control the mood and give viewers more information. Something that I hadn’t realized was that the sound and video are recorded on separate devices and have to be put together later using the clapperboard sound to help sync them.

Wilson, J. (n.d.). [Clapperboard Photo].
I enjoyed learning about the process of creating a film from script-writing and storyboarding to casting, filming, and editing. Something that I have always been curious about the pre-filming process. I’m a planner by nature, so thinking about all of the different decisions that have to be made about shots and effects and casting is a little bit overwhelming, but also sounds fun.