Video Production

It was helpful to learn about photography before we talk about video because they both are focused on shooting images that require similar considerations for lighting and composition.

The biggest different between photos and videos is not the movement, but the presence of sound. Even “silent” films include music to help control the mood and give viewers more information. Something that I hadn’t realized was that the sound and video are recorded on separate devices and have to be put together later using the clapperboard sound to help sync them.

Wilson, J. (n.d.). [Clapperboard Photo].
I enjoyed learning about the process of creating a film from script-writing and storyboarding to casting, filming, and editing. Something that I have always been curious about the pre-filming process. I’m a planner by nature, so thinking about all of the different decisions that have to be made about shots and effects and casting is a little bit overwhelming, but also sounds fun.


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