Video Editing

I feel as though I definitely need some more practice using Adobe Premiere.  There are many different tools and parts to the program that I wanted to know more about, but I do feel a bit more comfortable doing many of the basic functions of the program, and even things that were a bit more complex like taking out a green screen background and substituting another video or image.

Besides the actual software, one of the things I am most interested in is the actual art of editing video. I am a writing major and do a lot of editing for creative writing, and I was interested in understanding what I could use from that experience and vice versa. I thought that this article about editing Ted Talk videos was really interesting and helped me understand more about the process.

My group also filmed for our ad on Thursday, which was actually a lot of fun. Each member of our “cast” felt well prepared to contribute and because we were aware of variables like lighting and background noise, we were able to select a location that worked best for filming our video.  We are also looking forward to having a great blooper reel.



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