Learning about the Web

One of the things that I enjoyed about last week’s class was learning about how the internet works, including the interaction of computers and domain name servers. One of the things that I thought of during this conversation was when I listened to Theresa Payton speak at a keynote address during the PRSSA national conference. As a former White House chief information officer, Theresa spoke at length about online security and responding to news of a hack. That session dramatically changed my perspective about online security.

I enjoyed the in-class activity where we looked at various poorly-designed websites and analyzed them. To get some perspective, I went online and found some award-winning websites. I felt like many of them were fairly similar, with large images and just small bits of text. One that I really enjoyed was Locus Solus, which has some beautiful coding to it, especially on the “Chair” page.

I am looking forward to learning more about SEO this week, because I have previous blogging experience and have dreamt about using my blog to make an income someday.

Next Week:


Image via Pixabay




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